The Antichrist (Dajjal) Will Be A Reptilian Shapeshifter

By. Abdullah Hashem

This series proves that the figure expected to rise at the End Of Times known as Antichrist – Al-Dajjal, & by many other names is in fact a Reptillian Shapeshifter who has been alive on this planet since at least 10,500 B.C.

It explores the Antichrist’s different manifestations throughout history in chronological order.


Egyptian Manipulation Whispering

Egyptian Manipulation Whispering

” I warn you against him (Antichrist – Al – Dajjal) & there was no prophet but warned his nations against him.”

I will tell you something about him of which no prophet has told his nation before me. You should know that he is one eyed & Allah is not one eyed Sahih Bukhari



Horus is one of the oldest deities in Ancient Egyptian religion & his symbol is the right Eye of Horus

The eye of Horus became synanomous with the number 6, 6 fractions were mathematically encoded into the eye of Horus in seperating parts of the eye. The curved tail on the left side of the eye symbolized the sprouting of wheat.

“I will hide myself amongst you” – The Pyramid Text

” I have delivered the eye of Horus the shining one” – The Pyramid Text

Right Eye of Horus

Right Eye of Horus

Horus left eye was gouged out according to myth in a struggle with his brother Set.

Hathor – (Isis) was the mother of Horus & was referred to as “she with two faces

His Father was Osiris a deity associated with the Orion Constellation.

Reptillian Shapeshifter

Reptillian Shapeshifter Osiris

Contrary to what history has taught, The Pyramids of Giza were built around 10,500 B.C. & alligned perfectly with Orion’s belt.

Osiris’s ancestor from who he inherited his authority was the egyptian god Atum. Atum’s name means “the complete one” & also “finisher of the world” whom would return at the end of the world. He is often depicted as a serpent Lizard, the form which he will return to at the End of the world.

Atum was considered to be the first God of Egypt & was a Hermaphrodite – he generated his initial offspring by having sex with his shadow referred to as Lussaset meaning

“The Great One Who Comes Forth”

The Birthplace of these Gods was north of Heliopolis where there lies an Acacia tree which was also considered to be the Tree of life owned by Lussaset.

The Pyramid Chambers had shafts pointing to the Orion Constellation where Atum would lift the dead King’s soul to the Heavens.

Atum’s descendant Osiris the father of Horus was often depicted as having green skin, this Link of Atum & Osiris would logically lead me to belive a relationship of Devil & Son, with the son playing the role of the Antichrist.

Osiris ‘ Ba (soul power) was worshipped as a distinct god & was identified as a Ram named Banebdjed

Banebdjed is really the original baphomet

Osiris - Banebdjed - Baphomet

Osiris - Banebdjed - Baphomet

Osiris married twice once to Isis whose name meant “female of the flesh” (a Mortal Human)

Isis would give birth to their son Horus & he also married Hatmehyt, the fish goddess & was depicted as a fish or as a woman with a fish crown.

So Osiris became lord of Earth & Sea, Osiris then interbred with the desert Goddess Nepthys whose name meant “lady of the temple enclosure”

Nepthys gave birth to their son Anubis who became guardian of the underworld, Anubis was always depicted as a Dog or either Wolf headed.

Anubis Son Of Osiris & Nepthys

Anubis Son Of Osiris & Nepthys

“The Jinn are of three kinds, one have wings & fly, another (Jinn) look like snakes & dogs & the third move about from place to place like men” Islamic Hadith

Back to the Hybrid child of Isis & Osiris – – – (Horus)

After Osiris’s death it is said that Horus married his mother Isis & became his father Osiris

Often depicted as a Falcon flying, his name actually meant “High & Distant” reflecting his sky nature.

According to many scholars, the many stories of Horus’s life led to essentially the creation of a one world religion/system which was in many places. Each place adjusting their god’s & prophets to fit the model of Horus & secretly reflect & spread a one world religion.

The Sphinx Currently Represents President Barrack Obama, At The Forefront. Whilst The Arrival Of The Antichrist Is Nearer Than We May Like To Believe.

The Sphinx Currently Represents President Barrack Obama, At The Forefront. Whilst The Arrival Of The Antichrist Is Nearer Than We May Like To Believe.


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